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How I work as a Counsellor

Talking with someone who listens deeply with understanding and who genuinely cares can help us gain clarity and bring us into a more resilient place. I endeavour to help you grow in self-awareness and this may involve understanding unconscious aspects of your personality and relationships. This can bring about healing, and a greater appreciation for the whole of ourselves. I use an integrative approach which means I use different aspects tailored to each unique client. I draw from many aspects of my life from my 3 year training in Transactional Analysis which itself draws on psycho-dynamic, humanistic and behaviourist sources.

How I work as a Coach

As a coach, I primarily focus on leadership /management challenges, career related issues, or life coaching. The work is typically short term and I often bring in some psychometrics and/or techniques to these sessions e.g. in influencing skills, leading change, how to deal with difficult characters at work, dealing with transition and stress more effectively. I will help you identify where you are and where you want to get to. It is goal oriented. If it is career coaching you need then we will discuss your aims, your budget, and we will put together an approach for you. I have my own career coaching process but it will be tailored to you. Life Coaching works in much the same way. It is about responding to every unique client. I draw on many techniques from my coaching training including N.L.P. and various psychometric tools and cognitive techniques from my psychological background.

Getting Started

Research has proven that the quality of the relationship with your coach or counsellor is the biggest predictor of success. So my encouragement is to get as much of a sense of me as you can by reading the website, looking at the testimonials and watching the video. The next step is to give me a call/email or you can meet me in person for a full initial “introductory” session. This session is about seeing whether you think you want to work with me! It is really key as the relationship is so important in counselling and coaching. For counselling the sessions are weekly. For coaching, it is more common to meet monthly for a longer session. However, we can meet as frequently as you need. Sometimes people start off with weekly sessions and then move to fortnightly or monthly. We can discuss your budget, what you want and timelines.

Where to Find Me

Feel free to give me a call or email me if you are interested in a possible first "introductory" session. I always suggest an initial session during which we can meet and find out whether the ‘chemistry’ is OK. If we agree that to work together feels like an appropriate course of action, then we can go ahead – but if either of us believes that a different route or person is needed, I will do my best to refer on to someone suitable.

  • I see counselling clients in both W5 and W13 locations during the daytime.

  • If an individual comes for private coaching we tend to agree a mutually convenient location in West London but mostly I see clients in W13 at my consulting room in West Ealing.
  • When I am employed by an organisation for coaching or facilitation, most of my work is in central London.

  • Availability and Fees

  • For weekly counselling, I work day time hours, Tuesdays -Fridays. I charge £55 per 50 minute session. I don't work regular evenings.

  • For private coaching the sessions are usually less frequent , (but not always). Monthly sessions tend to be 2 hours in length. Weekly or fortnightly sessions tend to be 50 minutes to one and a half hours in length. However, we can be flexible depending on your requirements.

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