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So When is Counselling Appropriate?

If you are experiencing:

  • Feelings of on-going anger or frustration
  • Low self esteem or confidence
  • Anxiety or low mood/depression
  • A Lack of motivation or energy
  • Difficulty in coping with life's challenges: e.g. bereavement; children; divorce; change
  • Difficulties in relationships
  • Stress at work or home:e.g. redundancy, work stress, a relative or child with a health condition
  • An inability to create the changes you want in life or to move on

  • What Benefits can Clients Expect?

    My clients have quoted benefits over the years which are wide and varied. Some examples are listed below.

  • A significant reduction in anxiety or removal of the symptoms of depression.
  • The disappearance of panic attacks.
  • An increase in their resilience or abilities to manage a challenging situation.
  • A greater level of confidence and self understanding.
  • Changing old patterns of behaviour.
  • Gaining clarity about future direction and what sets them up for success.
  • A change in how they relate to others and an improvement in relationships.
  • An improvement in their well-being or functioning on a day to day basis.

  • How Does it Work?

    Counselling/Psychotherapy is about looking inside to figure out what is going on. By exploring and clarifying what exists in our inner and outer worlds, we can work through what we are going through, our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Often it involves bringing to the surface emotions that have long been buried or "repressed". In surfacing these we can integrate them, new connections are formed in the brain and these enable us to navigate our emotions differently. Many clients find that feeling truly heard and understood contributes to reducing their distress. This creates a new understanding within you, we re-frame things; and this can facilitate new ways of dealing with life. In scientific speak, our neural pathways within our brains change; new connections are formed as we begin to think, feel and act differently.

    What Do I Do as a Counsellor?

    I offer a safe, caring place where you can explore your thoughts and difficulties without judgement and without having someone’s views imposed upon you. My professional training means I can support and challenge you differently to how a friend or family member might. I offer warm, acceptance and understanding and through building an authentic, trusting relationship, counselling acts to facilitate change and often an inner process of growth. I work to help you to help yourself by solving current day issues or working longer term to find new ways of feeling, thinking or being in the world.

    What is My Experience?

    I have worked at Metanoia and at Ealing Abbey Counselling Service,both in Ealing. In total, I have been working with counselling clients since 2008. I am particularly experienced at working with conditions such as: stress, anxiety, panic attacks, anger, relationships, low self esteem, depression, bereavement, parenting issues, illness in a spouse or child, coping with life's challenges including business issues, family problems and addictions.

    What is the Difference between Counselling and Psychotherapy?

    The boundaries between the two remains a subject of much debate, with both counsellors and psychotherapists drawing on similar theories and techniques. The way I think about them is that counselling often involves us working together to find present day solutions to current problems. I help you clarify where you are and where you want to get to and then how to move ahead. The work is often more short term lasting a number of weeks or months. In psychotherapy I pay far more attention to what has shaped you from the past. People who want to make long lasting changes work for more than a few months. It often means exploring painful feelings but I see my role as coming alongside you and helping to make sense of what you are going through

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